Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fangirling over Sarah J Maas

This is a late post but.... the other day I got to meet Sarah J Maas. I had been dying to meet her since I first read Throne of Glass. All her books are absolutely stunning. Book People were part of the Empire of Storm book tour and I made sure I pre-ordered the book so I could have a spot for the book signing and good thing I did because they sold out! Over 200 copies sold just like that. I wanted to arrive early for the signing so I asked if I could leave early from work (I should've just asked for the whole day). I got all my books and headed off to Book People.

 I had a basket full of books and my friends were all running late. So I snagged a seat as close as I could on the floors because all the seats were already gone. Then when Sarah came I was so happy I think I even heard someone behind me burst into tears.

 Sarah was so funny and sweet just like I imagined she would be! Then she shared some great news that her Throne of Glass series was going to be a show for Hulu. At one point she was talking about her younger days and pointed to me something about my shirt being pink and I think she said I could be pink police? I was so shocked she did this and I was fangirling inside. I'm super shy so I probably just looked serious but I was just thinking is this really happening Sarah J Maas pointed me out. Ahhhh x100000. Then came the fun part the signing! I got in line and even though I thought I had ordered my book relatively early I was still way in the back of the line. Finally my friend came (who has never read the book) and we waited to meet Sarah.

When we finally met Sarah she instantly recognized me and said Pink Police! Then she saw my Japanese Throne of Glass books and we talked about how pretty the covers were.

I got all my other books stamped with her signature stamp and I wrote in her book (she has people write in her book when she goes on tours). This night is one I will cherish forever.

Here is my collection. Isn't it pretty?

Now for a giveaway since I love this series and I love candles the prize is as you may have guessed a Throne of Glass themed candles. Enter it via Twitter and good luck.

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