Friday, July 1, 2016

Review ~ Teacher Misery by Jane Morris

Teacher Misery: Helicopter Parents, Special Snowflakes, and Other Bullshit by Jane Morris

Paperback: 244 pages
Publisher: Truth Be Told Publishing (May 5, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0692697950
ISBN-13: 978-0692697955


Teacher Misery perfectly encapsulates the comical misery that has become the teaching profession. Morris’ strange, funny, and sometimes unbelievable teaching experiences are told through a collection of short stories, essays and artifacts including real emails from parents, students and administrators. From the parents who blame their son’s act of arson on the teacher for causing him low self-esteem, to the student who offers to teach the teacher how to sell drugs so she can pay her bills, to the administrator whose best advice is to “treat kids like sacks of shit,” one story is more shocking than the next. An important read for teachers and non-teachers alike-- Teacher Misery paints an amusing and thoroughly entertaining picture of what has become of our education system, without detracting from the overall point that what teachers have to put up with today is complete, utter, unacceptable insanity.

My thoughts prior to reading:

I saw this book while scrolling through books that I would eventually like to read (like I don't have enough books to read). I saw this one online and thought this looks like a fun honest book I would love to read. So I reached out and requested a review copy. With that being said all my opinions are my own. 

My thoughts after reading:

I picked up the book almost immediately after receiving and I found myself turning page after page seeing teachers in a whole new light. I knew they had to put up with a lot but I never realized how much they truly go through. When I turned the last page I was quite frankly stunned at the things that go on in schools that we don't know about. Teachers get treated horribly by students, parents and on occasions by administrators (who I believe should be helping teachers not making their job worst). This book explains why so many teachers quit with vivid real life examples. I found myself engrossed with some of the stories given they seemed exaggerated or fabricated but these are all very much true (with the exemptions of the names). I love how Jane Morris wrote this book although clearly these events were less than pleasant she wrote in a funny way that we can laugh at. I can imagine her that although these terrible, terrible events happened she didn't see them as something negative she chose to shake her head and laugh it off. She seems like the type not to hold grudges but learn from each of these events.

This book is a great read and a real eye opener. I recommend you to pick up this book and check it out and with the upcoming school year, why not give a copy to a teacher as a sign of faith and moral support. They will need some good laughs through out the school year (which lets face it they will need it).  Have any of you experienced something crazy at a school? I have once while sitting waiting in the lobby I saw a mom yell at a teacher for a ridiculous reason but the teacher was calm and explained why he did what he did with tact but the mom just kept screaming at him and I was just there in the lobby filling pity for the teacher and anger for the mom's behavior. Please leave a comment below telling me a crazy story you have seen or heard at a school. 

My Rating:

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